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TriDot Temporary Tattoos (pack of 5)

TriDot Temporary Tattoos (pack of 5)

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TriDot Temporary Tattoos: Unleash Your Triathlon Spirit

Embrace the power of the TriDot community with our exclusive pack of temporary tattoos! Perfect for training days and race days alike, each tattoo features vibrant, inspirational designs that symbolize the triathlon's core disciplines: swim, bike, run. Made with skin-safe ink and designed to last through sweat and strain, these tattoos not only add a fun, spirited touch to your athletic endeavors but also serve as a motivational badge of honor. Whether you're crossing your first finish line or pushing towards a new PR, TriDot tattoos are your go-to for showing off your commitment and passion for triathlon.

Pack of 5

How to apply:

1) Remove clear plastic film

2) Place tattoo face down on the desired area of skin

3) Apply water using cloth/towel to backing paper and wait 30sec

4) Peel off backing paper

To remove: 

Use baby oil or rubbing alcohol. 

***picture shows the actual tattoos which are mirrored but when applied to skin will be readable***


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